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Coolest Woman on the Planet and Coolest Guy on the PlanetINTRODUCING....

Kimberly (Kenya) Kimbrough -- the new K.K.K!

...the Coolest Woman on the Planet!

...the Coolest Guy on the Planet!



And if she is the Coolest Guy on the Planet then how can she also be the Coolest Woman on the Planet?

Before you start getting your tail feathers ruffled, yes, I have put a new spin on a crazy set of initials.  You didn't expect to see me.  But it's true.  I am, Kimberly Kimbrough,  the Coolest Woman on the Planet and striving to become the Coolest Guy on the Planet.


As of July 20, 2008, I am currently ranked #29 and on page three of Google for the search term:  coolest woman on the planet out of about 1, 120,000.  I will keep this updated to see where I rank over the next few months.


I have watched this contest for some time seeing some of the amazing and handsome Internet marketing gurus compete in a friendly SEO experiment to rank at the top for the Google keyword search term:  the Coolest Guy on the Planet!


It has been interesting to watch this friendly joust.  But I will admit that it's time for a SISTA to come and shake things up a bit!  After all, I took over the initials KKK and so why can't I also claim the title of the Coolest Guy on the Planet?


The Coolest Woman Can be the Coolest Guy on the Planet because...


As a single cool woman of a beautiful little girl, it's so hard to balance both roles but I find myself becoming more and more a father as she gets older.  I remember a few years ago, I was at church on Mother's Day and the pastor asked all of the Mother's to stand up so that the ushers could distribute roses.  It was so sweet.  Every mother had on a floral dress, toes polished, and their hair was perfect.  But while some mother's went home so their husbands could cook dinner and they could bask in the glorious sunshine of being a wife and mother.  I took my daughter out to Applebee's and let the male waiter play the role of husband and wait on me hand and foot even if only for an hour.


Why I became the Coolest Guy on the Planet


So in June, it was Father's Day.  And on that Sunday, I saw my daughter's expression of how badly she missed her dad (he lives in a different town).  I was so tired after working about 50 hours that week, then washing clothes, going to the grocery store and carrying in groceries, getting the oil changed, arguing with the landlord to fix the freaking shower, etc.  And I was feeling pain for my daughter because rather than her father pick up the phone and call his daughter in recognition that it is Father's Day, he put the responsibility of the call on his little 7 year old daughter.  Well, we went to church and this time the pastor asked all of the men to stand up.  I saw all of the men standing up while their wives and children looked on.  A voice said to me, "Sister girlfriend, you better stand up and get your recognition!  You are the husband in your life and the father in your child's life."  So on that Sunday, wearing another pretty floral dress, I stood up while the other church folk looked straight ahead pretending not to notice.  I know their thoughts.  "That's just Kenya.  Who does she think she is?  She isn't a guy!"  Well, needless to say, I took my coupon to Starbuck's anyway.  I deserved it.  And I sure didn't concern myself about what anyone else thought because when it was all said and done, I placed my child in the car and we took a two hour road trip so that she could see her father.  I did the right thing!  I was glad.  And although most people don't see me as the coolest guy, in that moment, I knew right then and there, I was the Coolest Guy On the Planet!


And even if Kimberly Kimbrough cannot rank #1 for the Coolest Guy on the Planet, after what she does for her family, she is #1 as the Coolest Woman on the Planet!  


To all of the single mothers in the world who are the coolest guy to their children, and to all the single fathers who are the coolest woman for their children, I salute you! 


Best regards,

Kimberly Kimbrough, the Coolest Woman on the Planet

Kimberly Kimbrough, the Coolest Guy on the Planet


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Kimberly Kimbrough - Coolest Guy and Coolest Woman